Holiday Party Rentals | Chicago IL.

Holiday Parties In Chicagoland
& Surrounding Suburbs

Holiday Parties In Chicagoland & Surrounding Suburbs
Looking for something different? Something fun? Exciting? We can assist with
planning, coordination and realizing your vision within your budget. Our event
specialists can prepare and organize all of your event needs. You choose the venue,
we deliver, setup and take down. We can also offer trained staff to operate our
equipment. We know how to have fun, and we know just what your College Party
needs! We provide high quality equipment to get the party going. We can organize your
event, and we are fully insured. We will deal with the logistics and show up on time to
setup equipment, and have it up and running before your event begins.

Holiday Party Budget, Planning & Ideas
Working on a budget? We can make your event happen! Dedicated to providing
equipment to hundreds
of events each year, we have the experience and professionalism to bring your
celebration to life.
You can expect a smooth event when you leave the coordination to us.

We are very popular, and for a very good reason...we are reliable. We will show up, with
the correct equipment, and provide you with clean and sanitized items. Don't be fooled
by other so called "companies". We are fully insured, prompt and courteous. We do a
lot more than Backyard birthday party rentals. With hundreds of items to cater to your
entertainment needs, we are Chicago's first choice for your party.

We know how hectic it can be to coordinate your event, don't worry, we've got you
covered. We are fully insured and can deliver at any park or forest preserve within our
delivery area. Finally, you've found a company that can provide all the equipment from
one location. Most importantly, we will arrive on time and pickup on time. We are the
company many have come to back time and time again, due to our professionalism
and high quality products.

Christmas & Holiday Event Rentals in Chicago
Looking for something to attract the most people to your event? Whether it be a
corporate event, school function or a community center celebration, we can provide the
best high quality rental equipment.

All of our items are clean, sanitized and inspected after each and every use. Let us
bring the fun to your next holiday or event. We can work with any budget, and provide a
variety of options that suit your event perfectly.

Let us make your next event a memorable one!
We can service any type of event, whether big or small....and anything in between!
Call us today for more ideas, package specials and prices.